Monday, May 21, 2012

Less is More

Summer has already kicked off - and it's not even officially here yet.  By the look and feel of this weather, you'd never know summer was not upon us quite yet.  We happen to have a full calendar ahead of us, and I've said it already a hundred times; I have no idea how and when it all happened, but it has and I'm ready, so bring it on! 

To start things off, I thought I'd change it up a bit today and post some thoughts and pictures of our recent days, adventures, and of course fare!

Some of you may remember that I've taken up sewing in my old age, and not too long ago purchased my first sewing machine (thank you Mom!).  Our home is the perfect size for our family, however, it's been a challenge while trying to fit in the little extras we've added along the way.  Case in point, a sewing area for myself.

I'm not sure how best to really convey this to you, but here it goes - and I hope I'm making some sort of sense.  ;-)

Less is more.  Less is more, less is more, less is more.  I cannot stress that enough.  Hey, I live in California, where everything (seems to be) is bigger, and yeah you guessed it, more.  I'm not interested.  I seriously could care less.  But it wasn't so long ago that I myself, was so wrapped up in, "what I was supposed to have right now", and "what my house was supposed to look like at this point", and "what I was supposed to be by now", and so on and so on, that I think I somehow lost my way.  It's never been who I am, and not who I wish to be - but I guess sometimes one gets off track.

Ok, enough rambling.  What I want to say is this....  I enjoy maximizing everything.  Including every corner in my home.  I wanted a space that was just mine, a place I could go to to create, a sanctuary of sorts that allows me not only the space but also place for me to be creative.   I was tired of setting up camp at the kitchen table, only to pack up at the end of the day before I could even begin.... And herein lies one of my colorful ideas - which by the way wasn't something thought of overnight. 

A few paint jobs are needed and a few more tweaks are in the works, but here's a look at the rough draft of it all:

Can you tell this is in our hallway?  Our upstairs hallway in fact.  The door you see to the right is Sierra's bedroom, and Monica's is next door even further to the right.  There's sort of an open space right there, just spacious enough to fit what you see here.  Like I mentioned, paint jobs are needed; the fabric shelving unit is pretty much my priority right now.  

The thread holder is totally makeshift!  I didn't want to purchase something pricey and impractical for the space, so I came up with this little guy: 

$2.99 cork board, Goodwill, and wooden skewers I had laying around.  Easy peasy, and one of the best additions to my lovely space.  SUPER user friendly and what a space saver it is!

This killer sewing table, courtesy of Angel View Thrift Store, was another amazing buy.  Have you ever felt like you were in the right place at the right time?  Me too!  The day I walked in to Angel View and found this sewing table for $20.00!!!  HECK YEAH!  Oh and that's not all...

The table seriously comes with a built-in antique Singer sewing machine.  BUT..  it. does. not. work.  :(   One day though, one day my friends, I'll find a way to get it repaired.  So until then....

 I've got my awesome Kenmore that's been doin' its thing.  And when I'm all done for the day...

  it's covered with my mom's beautiful custom machine cover that I simply adore!

And probably my favorite piece of all, this sweet, little hurricane lamp - thank you again, Angel View, for this $4.99 treasure.  Less is definitely more.  :)

In other news...

I "backpacked" Sierra at the Santa Rosa Plateau, and have NO idea how I made it back without collapsing.  Granted, she walked a little bit of the way, but just long enough to give my back a quick break.  We live in such a gorgeous area, that when spring hits, it's so important for me and my family to get out and enjoy.

 Look at this!  Mint for MILES!  And a big thank you to AH for her tips on sun, mint tea.  :)

After drying some of it out, I filled a tea steeper and let the sun do it's magic.

By far, the best sun tea I've ever had.  I'm not even sure it can be referred to as tea, considering there's nothing in it except dried mint leaves!

And with that mint, breakfast this morning:  strawberries with mint and agave, from scratch toasted bread with peanut butter, and my personal fave, lightly sauteed kale and leeks.  :)

Moving along, and finishing up...

We camped this past weekend, but not with my entire family.  What I mean to say is, not with my hubby.  NOT because we/he didn't want to come along but because I wanted an experience and an adventure with Sierra, a friend of mine, and her three children. 

It really was an experience, one I'd definitely want to have again.  I did my best to relax as much as I could, and allow for Sierra to do what she wanted while still staying within reach.  I feel that children (generally speaking) are the majority of a parent's day to day life; we are always on duty.  I wanted this particular weekend to be relaxing for both myself, and my youngest daughter.  I think she agreed!  :)

On the drive in we were graced by the most beautiful herd of cattle.  Of course I pulled over to take a few shots of one the most beautiful animals on earth.  

I took such deep breaths for those few minutes.  I'm truly blessed to have come across these roaming, pasture raised animals.

I did say that our husbands did not join us while camping last weekend, however, they came by for dinner Saturday evening - and my husband enjoyed a visit with his little one as they sat together flying their kite.

Less is more.


  1. Your blog is inspirational Ginny!

    1. Thank you Erin! You too, and your gorgeous art work is inspirational - I love it!

  2. Gorgeous post and gorgeous sentiment. Just like you, Ginny!!! Love this.